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The wetlands (marshes, rivers, lagoons, pools...) are very fragile environments, affected by the direct destruction of their surface (dryings/desiccations) and the alteration of their natural conditions (water pollution, canalizations...). Moreover, they are vital ecosystems for many animals and plants in frank decline, in the national and international field, so their conservation constitutes the only guarantee of future for these organisms.

The Basque country has lost in the last two centuries about half of the area of its old coastal wetlands and also a high percentage of the marsh ecosystems associated to its rivers and brooks.
The Aqua programme has been designed to improve the situation of the Basque wetlands, by means of the restoration of degraded areas, the creation of new marsh-environments and the conservation of the existing ones.
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The reduced area of aquatic environment with permanent flood and the high human pressure are the most important factors that limit the abundance and diversity of the aquatic fauna associated to the marshes of the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai.
The project Baldatika consists of the partial restoration of the fluvial and intertidal dynamics of a meander blinded and altered at the beginning of the 20th century because of the canalization of the Ria de Gernika and the construction of the railroad. Between the benefits that are expected to be contributed emphasizes the conservation and the improvement of the diversity in birds, amphibians and invertebrates and the increase of the capacity of the reception of migrating and hibernator birds.

The project is in composition phase and has the financing of the management of the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai.


Bacharis Halimifolia is a North American shrub which settled in the Cantabrian marshes in the middle of the 20th century from specimens cultivated for gardening. They constitute dense formations which reduce the botanical diversity, accelerate the filling processes of the marshes and diminish the habitat for the aquatic fauna.

The project Atxaga lies in the mechanical elimination of the specimens of this invading species in an area of 6 hectares of marsh in the Reserve of the Biosphere of Urdaibai and the subsequent flood of the plot to avoid its recolonization. Besides to reduce the extension of the shrub in the Reserve, a substantial improvement of the habitat for the aquatic fauna will be obtained (European Mink, Great Reed Warbler, Common Tree Frog...).

The project is in composition phase. For its financing we have our own funds and the aid of the Foundation Territori i Paisatge of the Caixa de Catalunya.
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