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The Urdaibai Foundation is a non-profit NGO which needs external monetary funds to carry out some projects and actions for the recovery and conservation of the nature patrimony. Those funds can be raised by means of the sponsors’ contributions, partners’ annual instalments (in both cases private individuals and companies) or the agreements, subsidies and economic contributions offered by public administrations and private companies.


The sponsoring means the financing of a certain project or activity. In most cases, starting up an activity,although it is modest, necessarily requires an economic contribution if we want to obtain our objectives. Thus, private companies and publicadministrations can assume, partial or totally, our financing needs in a cofinancing regime.

Sponsored projects


A Another way to finance our activities is participating in the subsidies and economical aids offered by public administrations and private associations which direct a part of their profits to the social action or the development of the Corporative Social Responsibility.

Subsidized projects


To be a large social mass provides many advantages to the Foundation, because in addition to the economic contribution, we have to add the commitment to preserve the environment and "the call effect" produced in the society.

Became a partner


Even so, the ways to cooperate with the Urdaibai Foundation aren’t only the contributions of economic character. You can cooperate with us contributing with your work, your ideas, your initiatives, your contacts or your lands.


Many activities couldn’t be carried out without the open-handed people who provides us their knowledge or contributions. If you want to be a volunteer of the Urdaibai Foundation contact us and you will receive all the notifications of each project. You also could contribute with you ideas or perhaps you could be the responsible of an idea that will be carried out.


If you have your own lands and you want to participate in the conservation and improvement of the basque nature patrimony taking part in the creation of a network of owners of autochthonous forests, contact us. We could agree a way for collaboration:

  • Agreement for the conservation (if your are the owner of an autochthonous forest and you want to continue being the owner).
  • Transfer of use (if you want to sow an autochthonous forest keeping your ownership).
  • Lands’ sale and donation (if you don’t want to sep your ownership but you want to lift it for conservation of the natura).

Certainly those economic contributions bring advantages:

  • Improving the image of your company
    • It approaches the company to the values of the customer.
    • It makes the compromise towards the environment clear.
    • It differentiates your company from your competitors.

    The improvement of the image is increased thanks to thepolitics about information (media) and environmental education (school campaigns) and also thanks to the in situ signalisation of the financed activities.

  • Tax benefit: Contributing economically with the Urdaibai Foundation (an organization professed as a public utility) allows to cut down the Individual Income Tax in a 30%. In the case of legal associations the contributions have the nature of a deductible expenditure (Provincial Rule 1/2000) .

  • Corporative Social Responsibility: Nowadays the demand of the society about the sustainable development have caused that the private associations take part not only in the economic field, but also in the environmental and social strategies. This way to act is called Corporative Social ResponsibilityCollaborating with the Urdaibai Foundation one of the three lines of this three-dimensional exposition of the companies is fulfilled.
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